Resources for Veterans

According to American Community Survey data, 29.6 percent (3.5 million) of Veterans ages 21-64 have a disability. Some of these Veterans have been determined eligible for Social Security disability benefits and others would be if they applied. The Veteran population is one that Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies could serve. Use the resources and information found in this section of to better serve Veterans and aid in their job searches.

General Background Information

If you are looking for statistics and general information on some of the unique issues facing Veterans with disabilities, you may want to start by reviewing the PowerPoint presentation that Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute, housed in the ILR School, created in April 2014. The presentation is titled "Beyond Yellow Ribbons: Welcoming Veterans with Disabilities in Our Workplace."

Additional Resources

Looking for resources specifically targeted for Veterans? Visit the following pages for more information: