Service Provider Foundations Curriculum

Training Course Phases and Topics

Phase I

  1. Employment Network Orientation
  2. Completing the Suitability Process
  3. Creating a my Social Security Account and Adding Extra Security

Requirement: EN must have submitted the eQIP application to apply for Suitability Clearance and established a mySSA account with extra security before moving to Phase II Training.

Phase II

  1. Overview of the Ticket to Work Program
  2. Properly Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  3. Timely Progress Review (TPR) Basics

Requirement: EN must pass SSA Suitability requirements and have access to the SSA Ticket Portal before moving to Phase III Training.

Phase III

  1. The Ticket Portal for Employment Networks (EN)
  2. The Ticketholder Intake Process
  3. Preparing an Individual Work Plan (IWP)
  4. Services and Supports Review
  5. The Payment Process
  6. Partnership Plus Collaboration
  7. Employment Network (EN) Marketing Strategies: Overview and Planning
  8. Employment Network (EN) Marketing Strategies: Program Specific Resources
  9. Introduction to Section 503 for Employment Networks (EN)

Phase IV

  1. Ticket to Work Program Best Practices
Mandatory Training for EN Key Contacts
TopicProgram ContactTicketholder ContactPayments ContactSuitability ContactTicket Portal User
Phase I
1. EN OrientationXXXXX
2. Completing the Suitability ProcessXXXXX
3. Creating a my Social Security Account & Adding Extra SecurityXXXX
Phase II
4. Overview of the Ticket to Work ProgramXXXXX
5. Properly Safeguarding PIIXXXXX
6. TPR BasicsXXX
Phase III
7. The Ticket Portal for ENsXXXX
8. The Ticketholder Intake ProcessXXX
9. Preparing the IWPXXXX
10. Services and Supports ReviewXXXX
11. The Payment ProcessXXX
12. Partnership Plus CollaborationXX
13. EN Marketing Strategies: Overview and PlanningX
14. EN Marketing Strategies: Program Specific ResourcesX
15. Introduction to Section 503 for ENsXX
Phase IV
16. Ticket to Work Program Best PracticesXXXX