Service Provider Foundations offers information needed for Employment Networks to perform the responsibilities required in the Ticket Program Agreement.

Service Provider Foundations

Service Provider Foundations training offers essential information needed for Employment Networks (EN) to understand and perform the duties and responsibilities required under the Ticket Program Agreement (TPA) and the Ticket program. The training course includes 15 topics delivered by webinar. The topics are delivered in 4 phases to allow for new EN staff to apply for suitability and then pass suitability before moving on to certain topics.

The training is open to all service providers; however, it is mandatory for EN key contact(s) who are responsible on the TPA for Ticketholders, payments, and TPA inquiries. If new employees with these responsibilities start after TPA award, they must also have the mandatory training.


New ENs must complete the training within 60 days after their TPA award date and must do so before being activated and allowed to serve beneficiaries.

New EN employees who are key contacts must complete the training within 60 days after Social Security is notified of the staff change.

The Ticket Program Manager (TPM) will initiate training upon notice from Social Security of the new TPA award or key contact staff change. Failure to comply with the training requirement and timelines may result in sanctions and/or TPA termination.

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