State VR Agencies

State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies across the country were serving Social Security disability beneficiaries for years before the Ticket to Work Program was implemented. In acknowledgement of this, the legislation authorizing the Ticket to Work Program and the governing regulations include numerous provisions addressing the participation of State VR agencies in the Ticket Program and the interconnections between the Ticket Program and the traditional VR Cost Reimbursement (CR) program.

This section provides basic information about State VR agencies and the Cost Reimbursement program. Additionally, this section contains information about the factors State VR agencies consider in determining how to provide services to Social Security disability beneficiaries and the responsibilities of key staff overseeing such services.

This section also includes information on different approaches State VR agencies take to partnering with Employment Networks (EN). This includes information on the Partnership Plus service delivery model authorized in the 2008 Ticket regulations and information on a State VR agency's option to function as an EN.