Employment Networks (ENs)

An Employment Network (EN) is an entity that enters into an agreement with the Social Security Administration (Social Security) to either provide or coordinate the delivery of services to Social Security disability beneficiaries. The EN can be an individual, a partnership/alliance (public or private) or a consortium of organizations collaborating to combine resources to serve eligible individuals. ENs participating in the Ticket to Work Program (Ticket Program) must adhere to certain rules and regulations.

In this section, you will find:

  • EN Requirements: Look here for details on what services an EN must offer, accessibility requirements and Social Security's expectations of ENs. This section also includes annual requirements for ENs.
  • Becoming an EN: This section of the website details the steps organizations must take if they want to become an EN.
  • EN Models: In this section, explore three EN models, one of which may be right for your organization. If you are new to the Ticket to Work Program or are considering becoming an EN, click here to learn more.

1099 Tax Information for Employment Networks

Below is information about Employment Networks and Form 1099s. Every Employment Network (EN) that is not tax exempt and has received at least $600 in payments should receive a Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income.

  • Contact the Social Security Administration's Office of Finance customer service at 410.965.0607 for questions regarding 1099s. Customer service can often answer many of your general questions. Customer service will forward the more complex questions to the appropriate section for research or action. 

    This is a busy time of year and often a caller may need to leave a message. At the minimum the caller must leave the tax ID number, the caller's name, the company's legal business name, the reason for the call, and a valid call back number. If the call is regarding non-receipt of a 1099, the caller should also include the address where the 1099 should be sent.
  • The Social Security Administration's Office of Finance uses the Remittance and Accounts Receivable Contact address from the System for Award Management (SAM) Financial Information section. Most "missing" 1099s were mailed to this address as directed by the SAM registrant. If Social Security is unable to verify the desired address from some other section of SAM, for the protection of the SAM registrant the remittance address may need to be updated before it can mail out a copy.

For further information on this tax form you can visit http://www.irs.gov/uac/Form-1099-MISC,-Miscellaneous-Income-.