The Your Ticket to Work website contains information and resources dedicated to the needs of service providers under the Ticket to Work program including Employment Networks.

Helpful Resources

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Ticket Operations Resources

Visit the Resource section of the Information Center frequently to find helpful tools and resources related to service provider operations and payments.

Ticket Terms A to Z

Ticket Terms A to Z

A glossary defining terms, acronyms, concepts, processes, procedures, and automated systems associated with Social Security's disability programs.

Choosework Provider Resources

Service Provider Outreach Toolkit

Look here for many free resources designed to promote and brand Ticket program services. Find useful factsheets, posters, sample program language, press releases, graphics, and more.

Resources For Veterans

Job Search Resources for Veterans

Visit our dedicated resources page for Veterans with disabilities who are searching for employment.

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Section 503

Section 503 regulations provide job opportunities for qualified people who receive Social Security disability benefits. Find resources here to help Ticketholders secure jobs with Federal contractors and subcontractors.

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Program Administration Information

Visit Social Security's Work Site for policy and programmatic information about the Ticket to Work program.