Ticket Mailings

The Social Security Administration (Social Security) recently resumed the mailing of paper Tickets in relation to its Ticket to Work program (Ticket program). The goal of this major marketing effort is to drive more beneficiaries to connect to Employment Networks (EN) and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies for employment services that will aid them in finding, maintaining, and advancing in employment.

The mailings include letters about the program, a "Ticket" inviting eligible beneficiaries to participate in the Ticket program, and brochures titled "Your Ticket to Work." In its first round of mailings, Social Security sent the mailings to approximately 36,000 beneficiaries ages 18 through 56. The letter briefly describes what the Ticket program is, how the program works, and how to find ENs and State VR agencies. It notes that the program is free and voluntary to beneficiaries, and it explains that Social Security will not begin a medical Continuing Disability Review if certain requirements are met. The letter also includes information on how beneficiaries can connect to ENs and/or State VR agencies through toll free phone numbers for specific Ticket program questions, general questions about Social Security benefits, information on new options for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and reporting suspected Social Security fraud.

Social Security expects to mail up to 60,000 paper Tickets every month to beneficiaries who became entitled the previous month. Some beneficiaries will not be included in the mailings. We expect these mailings to encourage a substantial number of beneficiaries to seek additional information on the Ticket program and to contact ENs and State VR agencies for assistance in going to work.

View a sample letter and the brochures below.

  • Sample Ticket (DOC) (PDF)
  • English Brochure (PDF)
  • Spanish Brochure (PDF)