Completing Suitability

The Center for Suitability and Personnel Security (CSPS) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Social Security Administration's Personnel Security and Suitability Program (PSSP) nationwide. The Security and Suitability staff initiate background investigations, adjudicates results and makes suitability determinations for Social Security Administration employees and contractor personnel.

All State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency and Employment Network (EN) personnel required to access Social Security beneficiary Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must have a favorable suitability determination before accessing any Social Security information. In addition to employees of the EN, EN personnel includes employees of subcontractors and additional provider partners as stated in the EN's submitted business model. Access is having physical access to any Social Security facility or site, access to any Social Security information system, or access to programmatic or sensitive information also known as PII.

Any employee responsible for EN operations such as the examples provided below is required to obtain a suitability determination.

  • Automated systems including the Ticket Portal
  • Encrypted email exchange
  • Hard copy reports containing PII
  • Assigning/unassigning tickets
  • Payment activity
  • Timely Progress Review

State VR agencies must designate at least two key personnel at each site location to complete the Suitability process before being eligible to access Social Security systems.

The Ticket Program Manager provides several tools and resources to assist both ENs and State VR agencies in completing this process. Several tools and resources are available in the Resources section to assist in the completion of the process.

It is highly recommended that representatives FIRST thoroughly read and review the Suitability guides for ENs and State VR agencies available in the Resource Documents section. The guides provide additional resources such as links to samples of completed forms and information to ensure that your computer system has the proper capabilities to access the systems required to complete the suitability process.

Forms necessary to complete the Suitability process are available on the Forms page.

After reviewing the Suitability guides and other resources, additional questions can be directed as noted below.

ENs can contact their Social Security EN Specialist directly or email for any questions regarding the suitability process.

State VR agencies can email

Once an EN or VR has submitted all required suitability documents and has questions, the EN or VR can contact the Center for Suitability and Personnel Security (CSPS) Call Center directly at 844-874-9940. Business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm ET, excluding all Federal holidays.