What is a Timely Progress Review?

A Timely Progress Review (TPR) is Social Security's way to track the progress of a Ticket Holder under the Ticket to Work Program. Essentially, Social Security expects Ticket Holders to make progress towards self-sufficiency while their tickets are in "Assigned" or "In-Use SVR" status.

The TPR is based on the Timely Progress Guidelines that Social Security established under the New Regulations effective July, 2008. As a result of these regulations, the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) conducts a review after about every 12-month period of Ticket use to determine if beneficiaries are making the expected progress toward self-sufficiency. A pass decision extends protection from selection from a medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) for about another 12 months. A failed decision discontinues the protection from CDRs.

TPR Guidelines

The TPR guidelines consist of work and earnings requirements, educational or training requirements, or a combination of both. An example of this is the first 12-month Review, where the beneficiary must have worked three months at the Trial Work Level (TWL) amount in order to pass the review. Alternatively, the beneficiary must have completed a GED, or high-school diploma, or have completed 60% of a full-time course load for an academic year in a college or technical, trade, or vocational training plan. Another alternative is that the beneficiary has completed some combination of this work and education requirement.

Employment Network Responsibilities

As a service provider, there are certain responsibilities you assume regarding the Timely Review Process. You will need to explain the existence of these reviews and how they work while developing an Individual Work Plan (IWP) or Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). Other expectations include:

  • Understanding the TPR process
  • Inputting TPRs into the Portal
  • Answering Ticket Holder questions
  • Encouraging a timely response to any requests for additional information
  • Providing counseling and advice
  • Using the TPRhelpdesk@yourtickettowork.ssa.gov for questions

Additional Questions

There is a TPR help desk available to providers who may have questions related to completing the TPR for a Ticket Holder on the Ticket Portal, assisting Ticket Holders with appeals or re-entries after a failed TPR, or inquiries related to guidelines, progress examples or review timeframes. For additional questions, please email TPRhelpdesk@yourtickettowork.ssa.gov. Do not include beneficiaries' names or social security numbers.