Helpful Resources

Map of USA showing states divided into 10 Social Security Administration regions

Social Security Regional Contacts

Contact local Area Work Incentives Coordinators (AWIC) serving in each of Social Security's 10 regions.

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Find helpful forms including the Ticket Program Agreement (TPA) Change Form, Individual Work Plan (IWP) Form 1370, and more.

Image of three Ticket to Work workbook covers


Find the New EN Guide for Working with Ticketholders, Suitability Guide, 18-Month Look Back Tool, Payments at a Glance, and more.

Choosework Provider Resources

Service Provider Outreach Toolkit

Access free resources designed to promote Ticket Program services. Find factsheets, posters, sample program language, press releases, graphics and more.

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Upcoming Events

Get the details on the next event and quickly locate presentation materials from the previous national event.

individual holding tablet with Preparing an Individual Work Plan (IWP) Service Provider Foundations module displaying on screen

Service Provider Foundations

Review self-paced training materials covering Suitability, Individual Work Plans (IWP), Payments, EN Marketing, and more.

Ticket Terms A to Z

Ticket Terms A to Z

Visit the glossary defining terms, acronyms, concepts, processes, procedures, and automated systems associated with Social Security's disability programs.

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Program Administration Information

Visit Social Security's Work Site for policy and programmatic information about the Ticket to Work Program.