Ticketholder Intake

Once Ticket assignability is confirmed using the Ticket Portal, the Employment Network (EN) can begin the intake process. The intake process allows the EN to determine if the Ticket to Work Program is appropriate for the beneficiary and if the candidate is a good fit for the EN. During the assessment, the EN should gather information by asking questions that allow the EN to assess and determine the services and support the beneficiary will require and to determine if the beneficiary can benefit from participating in the Ticket to Work Program.

Questions the EN should consider, such as those listed below, facilitate this goal:

  • Do the services offered by the EN match the beneficiary's needs?
  • Does the beneficiary have any previous work history?
  • Is the beneficiary likely to make it to Trial Work Level or Substantial Gainful Activity level earnings?
  • Is it the beneficiary's desire to reduce the reliance on cash benefits and ultimately become financially independent?
  • What is the skill and education level of the beneficiary?
  • Does the beneficiary have a history of prior earnings; if so what is the amount of earnings?

Additionally, functional limitations the beneficiary may have, past employment history, interests and skills are also important to know.

The EN should make sure that the beneficiary has an accurate understanding of the purpose of the Ticket to Work Program and Social Security's expectations of beneficiaries under the program, including the important fact that participation in the program is voluntary. Once this understanding is established, the EN representative can facilitate the intake process with open dialogue and communication.

The intake process sets the stage for the future relationship between the EN and the beneficiary. It is during the intake process that the EN gets to know the most important details about a beneficiary and begins to map out a viable plan through which the beneficiary can move towards financial self-support.

If the EN determines - based on the information gathered during the intake process – that the beneficiary is not a good candidate for the Ticket Program or that the beneficiary is not a good match for that particular EN, the EN should explain why to the beneficiary and if appropriate, encourage the beneficiary to explore other ENs or State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies that may be able to provide services better suited for the beneficiary.

Intake Tool

The Intake Tool can assist ENs with directing and conducting an effective intake assessment session. It is intended to guide the EN to ask the right questions. Essentially this tool is used to facilitate an open conversation between the EN and beneficiary that goes far beyond "getting a job." This tool will encourage beneficiaries to think about what it is they really want from the EN and it helps the EN define supports and services that will be required, and assist in getting to know the client.

Additionally, the Intake Tool is an excellent resource to assist in putting together an effective and relevant IWP that can function as an achievable and measurable roadmap towards long-term employment success.

NOTE: The tool should NOT be sent to the beneficiary to complete and return to the EN after completion. The EN can use the tool as a guide for the initial intake discussion.