Administrative EN

An Administrative Employment Network (EN) is an association of providers organized under an EN of Record to combine their resources to function as a single EN to provide appropriate employment, vocational rehabilitation, or support services to beneficiaries with disabilities. The EN of Record is the organization that assumes responsibility for ensuring that all requirements in the EN Request for Application (RFA) and the EN Ticket Program Agreement (TPA) are met. The participating partners may be other ENs or non-EN providers that are qualified to deliver appropriate services or a combination of EN and non-EN providers.

An Administrative EN is executed with a written agreement that defines the roles and responsibilities of participating organizations. The agreement also specifies how Ticket payments and other program compensation will be distributed among participating organizations, including how the EN of Record will be compensated for assuming the administrative functions associated with participation in the Ticket to Work Program (Ticket Program).

Advantages of the Administrative EN model

  • Centralized and streamlined administrative functions can create cost efficiencies in Ticket Program operations.
  • The participation of multiple service providers expands the scope, duration and geographic availability of services.
  • Administrative ENs can serve as incubators for qualified non-EN affiliates to explore service provision under the Ticket Program without becoming ENs.

As evidenced in existing models, the EN of Record may be a private or public sector organization. The geographic scope of the Administrative EN's delivered services may be national, multi-state, statewide, multi-county or local.