Checking Ticket Assignability

Service providers must check Ticket assignability using the Ticket Portal. To check Ticket assignability, an EN will need its Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, PIN number and the Social Security Number (SSN) of the beneficiary.

Assigning a Ticket

Once you have checked assignability, you can proceed to assign a Ticket. The required method for assigning a Ticket is using the Ticket Portal. Ticket assignments will appear in real-time in the Ticket Portal. New ENs will need to submit the first 10 ticket assignments manually, details are outlined below.

New ENs

Upon completion of the suitability process and new EN training, new ENs can begin working with beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work Program and assign Tickets. New ENs are required to submit a minimum of their first 10 Individual Work Plans (IWP) before they are allowed to assign Tickets electronically using the Ticket Portal. These IWPs must be faxed to 703-893-4020 for review and ticket assignment.

  • The Ticket Assignment will be processed in no later than seven business days.

All ENs have an assigned Program Integrity (PI) Analyst who is available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding Ticket assignment or IWP concerns. ENs will receive a notice from the Program Integrity (PI) Analyst upon completion of required new EN training. If you are unaware of your assigned Program Integrity (PI) Analyst, please send your inquiry to