Individual Work Plan

The Individual Work Plan (IWP) is an agreement between a beneficiary and an Employment Network (EN) outlining the specific employment services, vocational rehabilitation services, and other support services that the two parties determine are necessary to achieve the beneficiary's stated employment goal and provide a roadmap for financial independence.

The EN is to develop and implement the IWP in a manner that gives the beneficiary the opportunity to exercise informed choice in selecting an employment goal. Specific services needed to achieve the designated employment goal are discussed and agreed to by both parties.

The Ticket Program is not right for every beneficiary, such as those who want to work part time indefinitely. But, if the beneficiary is committed to trying to become employed and financially independent someday, the EN or the State VR agency can work closely with the beneficiary to provide the services and supports to help them do so.

Any progress with work is a good start for a beneficiary. Three months of work is considered successful. In addition, under the Ticket Program the beneficiary can start out working part time during the first nine months, but the beneficiary should have a goal to become self-supporting over time.

The beneficiary (with the support of the EN) should work towards having monthly earnings of Trial Work Level (TWL) dollar amounts or more by at least the tenth month after signing the IWP. The beneficiary should also have a goal to earn at least at the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) dollar amount or above a month after the first year of work.

In discussions with the beneficiary, the EN must be clear that the focus is on supporting the beneficiary to gain and sustain full financial independence. An EN must offer the beneficiary the types of opportunities and supports that enable them to achieve these results. It is unacceptable for an EN to limit its business model to assisting beneficiaries to engage in part time employment only. Social Security will terminate agreements with ENs that purposefully engage in such practices.