Phase 2 Milestone Payments

Table 1 shows the Phase 2 Milestone Payments 2024 rates.

Table 1: Phase 2 Milestone Payments 2024 Rates

Payment Type

Ticket Holder Gross Earnings

EN Payment (SSDI)

EN Payment (SSI)

Phase 2

Gross is greater than or equal to Substantial Gainful Activity  
($1,550/non-blind; $2,590 for blind)

(up to 11 mos.)

(up to 18 mos.)

Total Phase 2 Payments




Total Potential Ticket Payments Phases 1 & 2

Phase 1 & 2



For quick details about the earnings levels a Ticket Holder is required to reach for your EN to earn Milestone and Outcome Payments, see the 2024 Payments at a Glance also in the Resource Documents section of the Information Center.