Working with Ticketholders

Employment Networks (EN) provide Ticketholders with different services based on organizational strengths and the populations they specialize in serving. While the specific services provided differ from organization to organization, all ENs must provide individualized services to Ticketholders, obtain informed consent, and ensure that Ticketholders are aware of key information regarding the Ticket Program.

While EN websites, which are a requirement under the Ticket Program Agreement (TPA), often provide introductory details about the Ticket Program, conversations about how the EN can help a Ticketholder attain their employment goals happen during the Ticketholder Intake process. If both the Ticketholder and EN mutually agree they are a good fit, the next step involves developing an Individual Work Plan (IWP) which ultimately leads to Ticket assignment.

To learn more about each step in the process, visit each section listed below:

See the Employment Network (EN) Guide for Working with Ticketholders for more tips and details on this topic.