Individualized Services

The services ENs provide under the Ticket Program must be individualized to meet the needs of each beneficiary based on his/her chosen employment goal and service needs. The beneficiary's goal should ultimately be to work at a level that will result in the cessation of disability benefits as the beneficiary becomes self-supporting.

ENs assess beneficiaries seeking Ticket services to determine their skills, abilities, functional limitations, educational and employment background, interests, etc. This information is used to determine whether the services the EN offers are a good match with the beneficiary's vocational goals and service needs. If the match is not good, the EN may refer the beneficiary to another EN, to the State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency, the Choose Work website, or the Beneficiary Help Line at 866-968-7842 or 866-833-2967 (TTY).

If the match is good and the EN has not already done so, the EN will confirm the beneficiary's Ticket eligibility and that his/her Ticket is assignable.

If the Ticket is not assignable, explain that the Ticket can only be assigned to one service provider at a time. If the beneficiary still wants services from your EN, explain that the Ticket can be un-assigned by submitting a written request to the Ticket Program Manager (TPM). A Ticket Un-Assignment Form is available on the Choose Work website.

If the Ticket is assignable, the beneficiary must be informed of the items covered in the section on "Informing Beneficiaries." Additional items that should be explained to the beneficiary include the following.

  • All personal information on program participants is kept private and confidential.
  • EN services are provided by qualified employees, including contracted services. If medical or related health services are contracted, they will be provided under the supervision of persons licensed by the state to prescribe or supervise the provision of such services.
  • While a Ticket is assigned, Social Security conducts annual reviews to determine the beneficiary's progress in moving towards self-supporting employment. See the section on "Timely Progress Reviews" (TPR) for information on and the criteria used for these reviews.
  • Beneficiaries are expected to provide evidence of earnings to the EN, or consent to have the EN contact their employers to obtain such evidence.
  • If dissatisfied with the services the EN is providing, the beneficiary can initiate the dispute resolution process available to Ticket Program participants, seek assistance from the Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) program, or exercise the right to unassign the Ticket.
  • Work incentives are Social Security programs and rules that beneficiaries can use to reduce their countable income to continue receiving cash benefits while initially exploring work.

The sections on Intake and the Individual Work Plan provides additional information on Social Security's expectations with regard to working in partnership with beneficiaries to develop individualized service plans.