Certification of Services (COS)

Employment Networks (EN) complete an EN Certification of Services (COS) statement to provide proof that the ongoing supports provided to Ticketholders align with the services agreed upon in an Individual Work Plan (IWP).

ENs must submit a COS statement:

  • During an annual Services and Supports review – an audit of a random sample of assigned Tickets to confirm services, supports and contacts with clients;
  • To determine the number of claims eligible for ENs following a Ticketholder’s unassignment of a Ticket;
  • To prove a relationship with Ticketholders during Phase 1 Milestone payment requests when no paystubs are available;
  • To satisfy requests for Quality Assurance (QA) reviews as stated in the Ticket Program Agreement (TPA).

See the Employment Network (EN) Guide for Working with Ticketholders for more tips and details on this topic.

The table below contains frequently asked questions about EN COS for EN Payments and Services and Supports reviews.